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GlobalMed Medical Crypto Currency

What is GlobalMed Medical Crypto Currency?

GlobalMed is a Biomedical Company dedicated to saving lives and curing catastrophic diseases like SarsCoV-2, HIV/AIDs, EBOLA, Hepatitis, Malaria, and many others.

GlobalMed is currently approved to begin Phase II HIV/AIDS trial as well as Phase I SARS CoV-2.  GlobalMed is raising capital in its launching of its GMTPCI MEDI-TOKEN.

Here’s what GlobalMed is offering its founding buyers:

Founding Mint-Token Holders

The company is guaranteeing the initial investment of all buyers that purchase the first one hundred million Tokens by assuring buyers that the company will not have access to those funds.

Each buyer is always guaranteed their initial investment and may cash out at any time for the value invested.

The company is also offering a special reward to those that purchased the initial one hundred million Tokens.  These Founding buyers after having sold their Tokens for a profit, will be Gifted the same number of Tokens previously purchased at no charge.  This is in appreciation from the company to its Founding Token Buyers.

Financial analysts speculate that upon completion of the SARS CoV2 Trial, the value of the Medi-Token could rise to one hundred to three hundred dollars ($100-$300) per Token.

No other Token on the market offers these guarantees.

All listed benchmarks are set for six to twelve months of having launched the first Clinical Trial in SARS CoV2

The SARS-CoV-2 trial will only take ninety days to complete. The company will demonstrate within forty-eight hours of therapy in the initial ten participants a definitive cure for SARS-CoV-2

there will be between one hundred to two hundred participants at all stages of the disease, from ambulatory to admitted patients to those in Intensive care and on artificial ventilation

Within these twelve months we will also have commence Phase II trial in HIV/AIDS, Phase I trial in Leishmaniasis, and completing the Veterinary trial for Laminitis/Founders disease which will only take six months to complete.  HIV/AIDS and Leishmaniasis will take twelve months These pictures are of participants in our government approved Phase I HIV/AIDs Trial.  The last pictures are of Leishmaniasis, a parasite that literally eats you from the inside out.  We cure this disease with only two treatments to complete.  


GMTPCI-1 Blood Hemoirradiator

The Machine behind the Story

The GMTPCi-1 Hemoirradiator works by destroying viruses, bacteria, fungus, and parasites in vivo (in the body) by fragmenting and destabilizing the pathogens’ membranes without any adverse effects or any morphological changes to the patient’s blood.

PCI-1 Equipment & Application


These pictures are of participants in our government-approved Phase I HIV/AIDs Trial.  These are the known Opportunist Infections (OI) that people with HIV/AIDS suffer and eventually die from.

HIV doesn’t kill you, an opportunistic infection does.  In this government-approved clinical trial, 100% of OI’s resolved within one week to one month, depending on the degree of the disease.  We are now approved to do Phase II.

Aids Opportunistic Infection – Pre-Treatment with PCI

Aids Opportunistic Infection – after 2 treatments with PCI-1

Aids Opportunistic Infection – Post Treatment with PCI-1


Leishmaniasis is a parasitic disease found in parts of the tropics, subtropics, and southern Europe. It’s classified as a neglected tropical disease (NTD). Leishmaniasis is caused by infection with the Leishmania parasite, which is spread by the bite of phlebotomine sand flies. There are several different forms of leishmaniasis in people. The most common forms are cutaneous leishmaniasis, which causes painful and unsightly skin sores, and visceral leishmaniasis, which affects several internal organs (usually the spleen, liver, and bone marrow).

The pictures to the right are of Leishmaniasis, a parasite that literally eats you from the inside out.  We cure this disease with only two treatments.

Images: On average, the sand flies that transmit the parasite are only about one-fourth the size of mosquitoes or even smaller. On the left, an example of a vector sand fly (Phlebotomus papatasi) is shown; its blood meal is visible in its distended transparent abdomen. On the right, Leishmania promastigotes from a culture are shown. The flagellated promastigote stage of the parasite is found in sand flies and in cultures.

Leishmaniasis – Pre Treatment with PCI

Leishmaniasis – Post Treatment with PCI

Leishmaniasis – Pre Treatment with PCI

Leishmaniasis – Post Treatment with PCI


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