Future Applications of PCI

The Incredible Power of UV Light

Organ Sterilization for Global Transplantation

GMT in collaboration with several universities in Colombia, South America, has developed a PCI process for sterilizing organs prior to transplantation.  Colombia is the worldwide leader in organ transplant procedures and the developers of the world’s first successful complete Larynx transplant operation in a human being.  In fact doctors from these universities are the trainers of doctors in the US and worldwide on this procedure.  GMT has been working on a irradiation process that will sterilize an organ to the point that no matching of a recipient to an organ will be required and there will be no possibility of rejection by the recipient of their new organ.  This will in essence eliminate the need for all anti-rejection drugs which in and of themselves cause damage to the newly transplanted organ.  This organ will truly be of the recipient and will function as if they had been born with it.

Worldwide Pandemics

Since 1999 Dr. Fernandez has been working on eliminating the worlds fear of succumbing to an apocalyptic outbreak of some deadly disease.  Avian Flu, Ebola, Anthrax, Botulism, MRSA, Rubella, SARS and Cholera have spread fears across the world.  With the lack of any cure for any of these outbreaks and with the inability of pharmaceutical companies to produce viable, accessible vaccinations; it’s no wonder we all have a legitimate concern of a worldwide pandemic.

GMT’s PCI process can safely assure that as of to date not one virus, bacteria, fungus and parasite has been able to mount a Resistant Effect to our treatment.  All pathogens to date have been destroyed.

The Anti-Biological capability of inactivating most if not all of the current biological agents that could harm us is now within our grasp.  This ushers in the hope that GMT’s PCI can viably present a cost effective and safe treatment option for all infectious diseases on earth.

GMT has been working closely with our team of engineers in designing various GMT-PCI Models for different applications.  GMT is very excited to pioneer future treatments and processes for all types of pathogens that may affect humans and animals.  The various models of irradiators specifically designed for each application will enable GMT to cover a wide range of infectious diseases in the future.

Infant, Children & Small Animal Treatment

Apart from adult applications, GMT presents the possibility of Infant, children and small animal treatments.  This system consists of a irradiation chamber and a disposable kit specifically designed to treat infants, children and small animals who require only a small amount of blood to be irradiated.  The applications for this PCI-Irradiator will save the lives of millions of children suffering from HIV and other long term catastrophic diseases.  In the veterinary world for instance, dogs suffering from Parvo will be a thing of the past; one to two treatments and Parvo and other similar diseases are eliminated.


Blood Sterilization

In the Blood Bank Industry; we have designed a Blood Sterilization Process which will eliminate all traces of pathogens from denotable blood.  A very serious concern in the blood bank industry is their inability to clear denotable blood of all pathogens.  GMT’s system will not only clear the blood of all pathogens but it will directly destroy those pathogens.  This process will allow the blood bank industry and the general public concern of being Infected with tainted blood during transfusions, to be a thing of the past.

Treatment of Respiratory Infections

GMT has also designed a respiratory treatment system that will change how we treat infections in the future.  No longer will the process be invasive but now all treatments will be given via a process of the respiratory system directly into the blood stream.  A non-invasive system that will usher a new generation of irradiators and applications worldwide.


"Keeping my Family and the World safe is my purpose in life"

Dr. Danilo O. Fernandez