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PCI – I   Therapy & UVBI History English Version

Tratamiento PCI – I  y La Historia de  UVBI Version en Español

PCI – I   Therapy Process Images

GMT Patient Treatment Area

PCI - Blood Extraction Process

Blood extraction set up for PCI treatment

PCI treatment of blood through irradiation chamber

Preparing to return the patients irradiated blood back to the patient

Returning patients irradiated blood - End of PCI treatment

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  • PCI-I  Veterinarian Process English Version

  •  PCI-I  Proceso de Veterinario Version en Español

  • PCI-I Laminitis Therapy Images

  • We are developing a PCI-1 Dosage to treat the Parvo Virus for our little friends.

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Antioqueña's condition prior to PCI treatment

This is a mare that suffered from a sever case of Laminitis, culminated by  a 12 hour parade walk in which she primarily walked on top of paved roads. This was the cause of her condition. After 30 PCI-I treatments all of the Laminitis conditions dissipated, she has not experienced another Laminitis recurrence.

Antioqueña images of before

Antioqueña's sole images before treatment

Antioqueña's hoofs three months after she completed her 30 treatments


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