PCI FOR COVID-19 is an international, multi-site, IRB approved clinical trial created to establish an effective treatment for COVID-19, it was launched by GlobalMed Technologies USA “GMT” and partners.

The PCI FOR COVID trial compares options against standard care to assess their relative effectiveness against COVID-19.  The PCI FOR COVID trial aims to rapidly demonstrate whether our proprietary PCI therapy can destroy the diseases progression and improve survival in patients with a high risk of progression to severe or life-threatening symptoms due to COVID-19.

This will be further supported and corroborated by our clinical studies on COVID-19, the final trials shall be conducted under strict scientific protocols. Additionally, PCI-1 therapy can be used as a prophylactic, which would greatly benefit our first responders, frontline medical workers, and their families.

Over the next few months, GMT will sponsor several phased clinical trials at hospital facilities including Adults (age> 18 years). Vaccine immunity or drug therapy, in the event they become available soon, are not 100% trustworthy because of the lack of Scientific evidence to conclude that any drug regimen, vaccinations, or drug regimen combination(s) thereof, can effectively treat, prevent, or reduce further infections of COVID-19 strains, and mutations.

The greatest takeaway, benefit, and Impact that PCI-1 therapy proposes; is that PCI-1 will destroy and deactivate any virus.  The World can go back to having prosperous uninhibited economies in just a few years and the fear of any negative future impact from a Pandemic such COVID-19 will become nonexistent. Pandemics have been around for centuries, it is not a matter of “If” this will happen again, it’s a matter of “When”. Together we can stop the destruction created by the spread of diseases now and in the future, to the best of our knowledge our treatment is the only one that can accomplish this.


In fact, re-infected COVID19 patients have been discovered, most possibly contributed to the different strains and mutations.  Even if subjects receive the vaccine or conventional drugs, PCI-1 is the definite way to eliminate the virus once and for all following a selective method depending on the clinical conditions of patients without abandoning other methods currently developing. 


“It is no use saying, ‘we are doing our best’.  You have got to succeed in doing what is necessary.”

  Winston Churchill