HIV and PCI Explained

GMT had to start somewhere and we decided to commence in 2002 with HIV/AIDS.  The modern day pandemic and the disease that has touched many of our lives; especially that of Dr. Fernandez who has witnessed the needless loss of friends, patients, associates and family members to HIV.

This disease is paramount to GMT and will be the first clinical trial that GMT completes.  As we all know HIV is accompanied by many co-infections known as “Opportunistic Infections OI’s” and it’s these infections which cause the demise of a person not the HIV virus.  The OI’s proliferate because HIV has depleted the person’s immune (defense) system to a point where it can no longer defend its self.  While the persons defense system is down OI’s take over and since you have no defense; they kill you.

Most life-threatening OIs occur when your CD4 (immune defense cells) count is below 200 cells/mm3.  The CDC developed a list of more than 20 OIs that are considered AIDS-defining conditions—if you have HIV and one or more of these OIs, you will be diagnosed with AIDS, no matter what your CD4 count happens to be: Candidiasis of the bronchi, trachea, esophagus, or lungs, Invasive cervical cancer, Coccidioidomycosis, Cryptococcosis, Cryptosporidiosis, (chronic intestinal-greater than 1 month’s duration), Cytomegalovirus disease (particularly CMV retinitis), Encephalopathy, HIV-related Herpes simplex: chronic ulcer(s) (greater than 1 month’s duration); or bronchitis, pneumonitis, or esophagitis, Histoplasmosis, Isosporiasis, chronic intestinal (greater than 1 month’s duration), Kaposi’s sarcomav, Lymphoma, multiple forms, Mycobacterium avium complex, Tuberculosis, Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia, Pneumonia, recurrent, Progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy, Salmonella septicemia, recurrent, Toxoplasmosis of brain and Wasting syndrome due to HIV.

Believe it or not; Retro-Viral medications “DO NOT KILL THE HIV VIRUS”.  Retrovirals only function by “PROHIBITING THE VIRUS TO MULTIPLY” and if the virus cannot multiply (replicate-copy its self) then it eventually dies.  But when a virus like HIV has the capabilities to “RESISTS” (meds don’t work) the retrovirals then become obsolete and you must change them.  Hence the known “Cocktails” in HIV medication lingo.

If you become resistant to one regiment of retrovirals then the doctor changes up the “Cocktail” of medications and mixes and matches a new regiment.  There are currently over 30 medications created for the treatment of HIV and the mixing and matching of these are the known as the “cocktails”.  When a person with HIV has exhausted all the possible cocktails, (which takes 20 years) they succumb to the disease and the OI’s.

GMT choose HIV because we wanted to known and prove that if PCI works on HIV directly would it also work on all the different OI’s?  Much to our surprise, not only did we lower HIV Viral Loads but PCI also worked and all OI’s presented during our Government Approved Controlled Phase I Clinical Trials in the Dominican Republic in 2004-2005.  GMT tested 36 patients with full blown HIV/AIDS and found that all OI’s disappeared within one month of treatments.  In most cases the milder onset of OI’s disappeared within the first two weeks.  We achieved a decrease in Viral Loads by 90% within three months, a stabilization in CD4/CD8 (immune cells) counts, a total disappearance of OI’s and a tenfold increase in quality of life.  Nothing like this had been seen in any clinical trial to date.

Doctors around the world have one main struggle and it’s what to do about the OI’s that do not respond to any kind of conventional treatment?  With GMT’s PCI treatment, OI’s will be nothing more than a nuance which can be readily treated with a PCI treatment.  As long as the patients were receiving treatments none of the OI’s returned throughout the duration of the trials.  This fact brought to mind the ability of PCI to not only eliminate the OI’s but to afford the patient protection against any other infection while on treatment.  These patients could literally go out and get next to anyone sick with the worst cold and they would not become infected; even with their depleted immune system.

GMT’s next objective is to complete our Government Approved Controlled Phase II and III Clinical Trials in 200 and 1,000 patients respectively with HIV/AIDS.  These clinical trials will compare the effectiveness of PCI in contrast to the known Retroviral “Cocktails”, as well as the cost viability of PCI compared to current retroviral medications costs.

GMT the future looks to a bright future where we prove beyond a shadow of doubt the effectiveness and viability of PCI as a treatment of choice for all infectious diseases especially HIV/AIDS.

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