Upcoming Clinical Trials:

Investigative Phase I Study in Hospitalized Patients with COVID-19.

Over the next few months, GMT will sponsor several phased clinical trials at hospital facilities including Adults (age> 18 years) recently hospitalized, or already in hospital, with confirmed COVID-19. Our initial study population includes 50 subjects divided into one or two hospital sites.   The primary objective is to evaluate the safety, tolerability, and effectiveness of PCI therapy in hospitalized patients with a high risk of progression to sever or life-threatening symptoms due to COVID-19.

Phase II Controlled Clinical Trials in 200 Patients with HIV/AIDS

Phase II Trials will be a comparison trial whereby the clinical team will note the efficacy factor between GMT-PCI treatment protocol and that of the approved Retroviral Drugs.  This study will take approximately 12 to 16 months to complete.  The main objective of this trial is to prove that our treatment can be a viable treatment for those who are Intolerant and or Resistant to the Retroviral Drugs.

Phase I Controlled Clinical Trials in 100 Patients with Leishmaniasis

In this trial, GMT will prove the efficacy of our treatment protocol to treat the parasitic disease of Leishmaniasis.  This disease has caused such destruction and is such a heavy burden for the Governments worldwide.  The Colombian Government spends millions per year to treat thousands of Soldiers who contract this disease while on patrol in the jungles of the Amazon.  This disease literally eats a person from the inside out and it takes years to do so.  The detriment of this disease is not only to the military but the poorest of developing countries poor of which most are children. This is one disease we have to cure.  This study will take 12 months to complete.

Phase I Controlled Clinical Trials in 100 Horses/Cattle with Laminitis

This syndrome, condition and or disease, is one that caught Dr Fernandez by surprise.  While conducting a Pilot Study in 7 patients with HIV in Colombia between 2006 & 2009; Dr. Fernandez was approached by his bodyguard who just happen to be the owner of a Pasofino horse.  His horse which had become lame and would not stand up was in a dire state.  Laminitis is the second leading cause of death after Colic in horses and Cattle.  Not one for ducking a challenge, Dr. Fernandez promised his bodyguard that the treatment would not hurt or kill his horse but he was not so sure the process would work.  The following day after gaining the assistance of a Veterinary, Dr. Fernandez and his team performed the first ever Hemoirradiation treatment in a Horse.  This disease takes months to treat and most cattle and horses end in euthanasia like the famous horses Secretariat and Barbaro.  Amazingly after 3 treatments in five days the horse made a complete recovery.  After this Dr. Fernandez lobbied the most renowned Veterinaries in Colombia and treated 4 horses successfully.  This more than the treatment for HIV made such a ruckus in Colombia that GMT gained all the credibility it needed.  In the words of Dr. Fernandez, “there is a God and he loves us”.  Now GlobalMed is approved to perform the first ever Government approved Hemoirradiation clinical trial in Laminitis.  This market alone is one we have yet to calculate but the well being it will bring to all animals around the world is incalculable and what motivates GMT to action.  This study will take 12 months to complete.

Phase I Laboratory Trials for Blood Sterilization Process:

This study is intended to prove the ability of the GMT process to sterilize blood and blood components in a laboratory setting.  The goal is to develop a process that will enable developing and underdeveloped countries to sterilize their blood and thereby reduce the post transfusion infections noted worldwide.  This study will take 12 months to complete.

Phase I Laboratory Trials for Organ Transplant Sterilization Process.

The country of Colombia has a provision in their Constitution that allows organs from the recently deceased without the consent of family members.  This fact has enabled Colombian doctors to be the most advanced physicians in the world in Organ Transplants.  These doctors are currently training doctors around the world in “Larynx transplantation techniques”.  CLICK HERE.

GMT objective is to develop a process where we can irradiate an organ with our process and thereby sterilize that organ.  Upon completion, GMT hopes to be able to eliminate the need for matching organs to recipients and or the need for Antisuppression drugs.  This study will take 12 months to complete.