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Team Members

Meet our Team

Many years ago, Dr. Danilo Fernandez’s family lost a very dear friend to HIV/AIDS and this prompted him to set out on a journey to find a cure.  Throughout his research and clinical trials, he has come up with an awesome group of people that make up the GMT team.  Collectively, they are all “normal people” from different walks of life working together with one purpose:  to “Cure the World”.  And as Dr. Fernandez always says, with the right people, there are no limitations to what we can accomplish. 

Dr. Danilo O. Fernandez

Founder, President & Medical Director

Dr. Fernandez is the Founder of our Company, the inventor of its technology, and has served as its president, CEO, Chairman, and Medical Director since its inception.  

Alexander Major

Sr. Vice President of Manufacturing & Operations-Lead Engineer

Mr. Major has served as the lead engineer since 2003 and has served as a Director since July 25, 2016.  Mr. Major received his B.S. in 1966, in Industrial Engineering and his MS in 1968, in Safety Engineering from the Georgia Tech University.

Alexander Joseph Alfano, Esquire

Mr. Alfano is an accomplished attorney licensed in the State of Florida, Washington DC, and New York. He brings over 27 years of experience in multi-industry backgrounds spanning law, taxation, banking, asset management, project financing, and private wealth management.

Gloria Rosario

Sr. Vice President of Public Relations

Ms. Rosario has been with the company since its inception as Dr. Fernandez’s personal assistant. Her experience in the Public Relations arena enabled GlobalMed Technologies to receive government approval in the Dominican Republic for Phase I Clinical Trials.  

Dr. Ana Luisa Rosario

Corporate Psychologist & Vice President of Public Relations

Dr. Rosario has had an excellent Public Relations career in the Dominican Republic at a governmental, institutional and military level and was indispensable during the GlobalMed Technologies’ Phase I Clinical Trials in 2004.  

Eduardo Macaya

Vice President of Business Development

Eduardo Macaya joins GlobalMed Technologies USA as a leading consultant in business development for both GMT USA’s national and international markets.  Mr. Macaya has over 30 years’ experience in international product sales, commercial real estate development, and business development.

Emily Andros

Chief Marketing Director

Ms. Andros has had a dynamic 25+ career in advertising & marketing management, providing unsurpassed, results-oriented leadership.  She has managed multi-million dollar advertising budgets and has a BS degree in Advertising from the University of Texas, Austin.

Frank Marrero

Director/Producer GMT Documentary

His 50-year trajectory in the theatrical, television, and motion picture industries on an international arena in English as well as in Spanish, has garnered him 48 awards for excellence of his work.