Historical Clinical Trials

The photo above is a patient that was treated in our Pilot Study in Colombia.  When she first arrived to our study, she weighed approximately 100 lbs. She suffered from Chronic HIV/AIDS and multiple opportunistic infections (pneumonia, chronic dermatitis, wasting syndrome, no appetite) .  During the course of our Pilot Study, she did not take any antiviral cocktails and all of her opportunistic infections  dissipated.

Dr. Fernandez and GMT performed a PHASE 1 Government Approved Controlled Clinical Trial in 36 patients with HIV/AIDS in the Dominican Republic in 2004-2005.  This study demonstrated viral load counts reduction  by 75-99% within 90 days, with a stabilization in CD4/CD8 counts and the complete disappearance of opportunistic infections.  This study further demonstrated a tenfold improvement in the quality of life of those treated.

From 2006 to 2009 Dr. Fernandez and GMT performed a 29 month Pilot Study on 7 patients with HIV/AIDS in Colombia from 2006-2008 and a 2007-2008 Pilot Study in Laminitis; the second leading cause of death in cattle and horses.  The successful accomplishments of these two Pilot studies, answered several questions that both the Colombian Government and Universities had prior to the completion of  our 29 month Pilot Study.

First, could we repeat the results obtained in the Dominican Republic and could we guarantee a reduction in costs to keep one person alive with HIV/AIDS by 90%.  The answer to both these question was a resounding yes.  GMT proved that the treatment does indeed reduce viral loads, stabilized CD4/CD8 cells and eliminates 100% of opportunistic infections (main reason why people with HIV die), whereby increasing the quality of life tenfold in addition to decreasing the costs by 93% across the board.

Due to these results, the Government of Colombia as well as, the Academic Sponsorship from two Universities, Laboratories, and a Government Public Hospital have agreed to perform the following clinical and laboratory studies with GMT:

  • Phase II Controlled Clinical Trials in 200 Patients with HIV/AIDS,
  • Phase I Controlled Clinical Trials in 100 Patients with Leishmaniasis,
  • Phase I Controlled Clinical Trials in 100 Horses/Cattle with Laminitis,
  • Phase I Laboratory Trials for Blood Sterilization Process and
  • Phase I Laboratory Trials for Organ Transplant Sterilization Process.

Over the next several years, GMT plans on completing multiple clinical trials in targeted demographic regions around the world as an integral part of our biomedical research and development program which will ensure the use of their biomedical technologies, applications and treatments as both a viable and cost efficient medical treatment for many diseases that affect both the human and animal species.


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