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The Corona Virus



Ebola Update

The Corona Virus Crisis

The location of the next Pandemic is no longer unknown – the WooHan COVID-19 Virus has spread across the globe involving all nations, all continents, and all humans.  The speed at which the world’s governments have been able to respond to the virus to contain and block it has proven to be too slow, costing nearly 2 million human lives.   

Different disease outbreaks occur frequently and go without alarming the general public because of the advancements that we have made in medicine. However, a Pandemic Virus outbreak such as the COVID-19 Virus was easily spread by international travelers before health officials realized what was happening and the duplication of the Virus blossomed to Global proportions.


The question that remains and is frequently asked to us, can the GlobalMed UVBI treatment modality minimize the spread of an outbreak of this magnitude?  We believe that the answer to this question is YES. 

Unfortunately, despite the incredible opportunity to save human lives, the implementation of GlobalMed’s technology has been delayed for a number of reasons.  However we are ready and approved to start the COVID-19 Clinical Trials within days at which time we’ll be able to prove that our system works on this and any other deadly blood-borne illness, a new era of medicine will begin.

For more information about the GlobalMed UVBI PCI-1 system and clinical trial, please reach out to us using our contact form on this site.

How the PCI-1 Modality Impacts Antibiotic Resistance

The natural evolution of Antibiotic Resistance has set off several alarms within the Scientific community. Researches have found that the more powerful medications have been used too frequently and unnecessarily, the more people and animals become resistant to antibiotics.  Another contributing factor to the growing resistance of Antibiotics comes from animals that have also fallen into this category, over time we have consumed livestock and fish that have contributed to much of the populations’ antibiotic resistance. Our PCI treatment modality can reduce substantially all antibiotic resistance.  We do not use any medication with our treatment whereas patients that receive our PCI treatment will not chemically alter their immune system in any way.  On the contrary, our treatment modality simply excites the patient’s blood on a molecular level, so that the patients own blood after receiving our PCI treatment autotransfused, vibrates at a much faster speed circulating through the patient’s bloodstream, fracturing all pathogens (viruses, parasites, and fungus) in its path.