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What Is Photonic Corpuscular Irradiation? (PCI)

PCI-1 Beginning Treatment

The term Photonic Corpuscular Irradiation (“PCI”), is a medical term developed by GlobalMed Technologies, and it is more commonly known or referred to as Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation (UVBI).  Countless articles are published on the subject matter in medical journals around the world, and anyone interested in researching the subject will find a plethora of information.

From 1992 to 1996, Dr. Fernandez, GMT’s CEO, researched everything available to make sense of this forgotten scientific technique or method of treating diseases known as UV Blood Irradiation (UVBI).

For decades UVBI clinically demonstrated the capabilities of destroying viruses, bacteria, fungi & parasites capable of harming humans or animals in over 100,000 cases with treatments researched, documented, and published.

The possibilities and the applications of UV Blood Irradiation are remarkably earth-friendly, clean, and green; treatments actually help our immune system become stronger by making it more efficient and effective in the elimination of pathogenic invaders.

In 1998 Dr. Fernadez constructed GMT’s first UV Blood Irradiation machine and called it “PCI” for Photonic Corpuscular Irradiation.  UVBI is a general term for “the process of irradiating blood”, while PCI is a term that describes more precisely what is being performed; “the irradiation of Corpuscles in the blood”.

When GlobalMed’s PCI irradiates the blood, it’s believed that the corpuscles, (made up of chemical particles & elements including hormones, adrenalin, proteins, enzymes, oxygen, hydrogen, etc.) become excited by the irradiation, colliding with and fragmenting the pathogens in the process.

After five years of careful research, the perfect dosage was discovered delivering the minimal amount of irradiation required to inactivate and destroy any pathogen without any lethal consequences to a patient.


GMT claims that the corpuscles in the blood become excited on a molecular level by the irradiation (photons).  These corpuscles (in an excited state) destroy the viruses, bacteria, fungi, and parasites as the irradiated blood travels through the circulatory system.

The difference between GMT’s definition of what is occurring and the generally accepted theory is that it’s the molecules in our blood (which one, is not yet known) that become excited when irradiated and become like “molecular missiles”, destroying pathogens as they circulate.  These molecules in a hyper-excited state, travel the circulatory system and when they collide with the pathogens (virus, bacteria, etc) they are fragmented into pieces & destroyed.

Then it is believed that our immune system is strengthened because it’s left with the job of clearing the circulation of dead debris.  The better our immune system becomes at eliminating the debris, the stronger it gets and the more efficient it becomes.

The generally accepted theory is that the irradiated blood, when returned to the circulatory system, strengthens the immune system into a “superstate” and it is the immune system, in this superstate, that kills the pathogens.

This process and how it works is still being debated by the scientific community.  Today doctors are confronted with the reality of just how little they know on the subject of UV Blood Irradiation and its therapeutic capabilities.  It is only when speaking with Radiologists, Nuclear Medicine specialists, Oncologists or Hematologists, that we realize how common this subject is to them.  Many physicians have asked themselves “Why is so little known about such an efficient therapeutic process as UV Blood Irradiation?”.

For GMT, it was the HIV Virus that first gained our attention; could Blood Irradiation be effective against HIV/AIDS mutations that cause resistance to medications (retroviral drugs)?  Approximately 30% to 40% of the nearly 45 Million people infected with HIV are Intolerant to retroviral drugs and without treatment alternatives like the PCI, they have absolutely no hope at all.

After two decades, GMT has the privilege of counting itself among the American, Russian, German, and South American scientists that have been ardently working to open the doors, so that the medical community and the general population can better understand and accept this process of curing diseases. Sometime in the near future, the process of Irradiodynamics will be as common as Pharmacodynamics is today.

The challenge is how to get the academic field to take an interest in the use of this process in real life and not just in the lab where it has been for the last fifty years.

Now with Operation Warp Speed and the COVID19 virus that has spread across the globe like wildfire devastating families, communities, economies, and governments, we know that we will soon witness a new era in medicine modalities; an era where it will be possible to confront any possible pandemic such as the one that currently threatens humanity.

But COVID19 is just one such outbreak as there are many other pathogens that could threaten humanity such as the highly pathogenic Avian Influenza (HPAI), H5, H7.  Without the PCI, pathogens such as the H5N8, H5N5, H7N9, and H5N1 are capable of causing the devasting demise of millions of people in a matter of months, if not weeks.

With the urgency to find an alternative treatment for COVID19 we may finally have the scientists and doctors that have been needed to conduct the necessary clinical trials so UVBI can be accepted as a mainstream medical treatment.

Previously, UVBI has been delayed due to the following:

  • Exorbitant treatment costs, such as with the antivirals used to treat HIV Aids
  • Drug resistance
  • Vaccine allergies
  • Public uncertainty and refusal to take the vaccines and/or treatments
  • The length of time and professional knowledge needed to conduct clinical trials
  • The lengthy & expensive approval process required by universities and government entities
  • The resistance by many scientists that have found the process too arduous and tedious.
  • The existing resistance by competitive treatments, despite their issues, to allow other needed treatments to be studied

The good news, if there is any during this devastating COVID19 outbreak, is that the urgency of this pandemic has removed many of the impediments and cleared the way for “Operation Warp Speed” which has dramatically shortened the time required and some of the resistance associated with conducting new clinical trials.  

The opportunity is here and now which will allow GMT’s PCI to gain acceptability by the scientific, medical, and general communities.

In the future, we look forward to having the honor and privilege to teach our knowledge of UV blood irradiation to all doctors, medical students, nurses, physician assistants, and others in the medical field around the world.


GlobalMed PCI-1 UVBI Treatment Demonstration – Beginning to End

Patient Starts in the Treatment Room

Consumables used per treatment

Blood is extracted

Blood extraction with the PCI

Blood is treated through the irradiation chamber

Medical Assistant prepares to return blood to the patient

Proprietary equipment &

UV light varies per pathogen

The final step: Blood is returned to the patient.

The GMT PCI-1 Features

  • Measures and displays the precise time of irradiation.
  • Measures, varies, and displays the intensity of the beam of light.
  • Adjusts and displays the precise amount of UV dosage.
  • Allows for the use and variance of a narrow or wide waveband of light.
  • Measures and displays the precise flow rate for any given volume of Blood.
  • Computer Interfaces with Print capabilities.
  • Proprietary Software that generates detailed reports of all data acquired.
  • Measures the amount and flow of blood irradiated.
  • Barcode Scanner, which assures single use of GMT-Kit and Cuvette.
  • Patient Prescription Memory Chip (PPMC).
  • PPMC stores all patient treatment sessions and dosages.
  • Control of UV needed for each specific virus, fungus, bacteria, or parasite.
  • Internet software for downloading clinical trials data.
  • 24-hour security via GPS antitheft signaling and autodestruct command upon unauthorized tampering of internal components.

GMT’s PCI-1 is the only UVBI equipment with these attributes.  This is precisely why GMT’s PCI-1 is the safest and most efficient and reliable irradiator in the world. Both the GMT-PCI-1 and the GMT-Kit are years ahead of any UVBI medical treatment equipment.  Along with its patents, the GMT-PCI-1 design includes a component that will deactivate all electronics within the machine and the kit if it is tampered with in any manner whatsoever.  These design and safeguard features will help to prevent the GMT-PCI-1 and the GMT-Kit from being reproduced or utilized for unintended purposes.


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