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GlobalMed Technologies USA, Inc is proud to announce that on xxxxxx  1, 2017, the S.E.C.; Qualified GlobalMed Technology’s USA, Inc Tier 1 Regulation A Offering.

Company Profile

Medical Technologies for the Future Generations TM

GlobalMed Technologies USA, Inc. “GMT” was incorporated on March 14th, 2016 for the purpose of manufacturing and providing a patent-pending, state-of-the-art Photonic Corpuscular Irradiation System.  GMT acquired all rights, IP, assets and equipment from the predecessor company, GlobalMed Technologies, Inc. and incorporated those assets and together represents GMT.

GMT has developed an effective treatment for any blood-borne disease, utilizing Low Ultraviolet Irradiation, that is safe, drug-free, and has no harmful side effects.  Although the company can effectively treat any blood-borne disease, GMT will initially provide its treatment for current and future potential catastrophic diseases such as HIV/AIDS, EBOLA, Leishmaniasis, and Hepatitis C, to name a few.  GMT is also including treatments for Laminitis (in cattle and horses), a sterilization system for Blood Products (Blood Bank Industry) and a unique Organ Transplant Sterilization Process, which in the future will enable GMT to transplant organs without the need for matching and with no possibility of rejection thereby eliminating the need for anti-rejection medications.

Clinical and Regulatory Success

Dr. Fernandez and GMT performed a PHASE 1 Government Approved Controlled Clinical Trial in 36 patients with HIV/AIDS in the Dominican Republic in 2004-2005.  This study demonstrated viral load counts reduction by 75-99% within 90 days, with a stabilization in CD4/CD8 counts and the complete disappearance of opportunistic infections.  This study further demonstrated a tenfold improvement in the quality of life of those treated.

From 2006 to 2009 Dr. Fernandez and GMT performed a 29 month Pilot Study on 7 patients with HIV/AIDS in Colombia from 2006-2008 and a 2007-2008 Pilot Study in Laminitis; the second leading cause of death in cattle and horses.  The success of these two Pilot studies proved several pending questions by the Colombian Government and Universities involved.  First, could we repeat the results obtained in the Dominican Republic and could we guarantee a reduction in costs to keep one person alive with HIV/AIDS by 90%.  The answer to both these question was a resounding yes.  Not only did GMT prove that the treatment does indeed reduce viral loads, stabilizes CD4/CD8 cells, eliminates 100% of opportunistic infections (main reason people with HIV die) and increase quality of life tenfold but GMT also decreased costs by 93% across the board.

Due to these results, the Government of Colombia as well as, the Academic Sponsorship from two Universities, Laboratories, and a Government Public Hospital have agreed to perform the following clinical and laboratory studies with GMT:

  1. Phase II Controlled Clinical Trials in 200 Patients with HIV/AIDS,
  2. Phase I Controlled Clinical Trials in 100 Patients with Leishmaniasis,
  3. Phase I Controlled Clinical Trials in 100 Horses/Cattle with Laminitis,
  4. Phase I Laboratory Trials for Blood Sterilization Process and
  5. Phase I Laboratory Trials for Organ Transplant Sterilization Process.


Potential Investors in GlobalMed Technologies USA Inc will include a Corporation, Partnership, Trust, Limited Liability Companies, Accredited Investors and Non Accredited Investors.

Accredited Investors:

Accredited Investors, as defined by §230.501, are those that meet the criteria summarized as follows;

An Accredited Investor is an:

  • Individual who has a net worth (assets minus liabilities), individually or jointly with spouse, of at least $1,000,000, excluding the value of his or her primary residence.
  • The individual had an individual income in excess of $200,000 or joint income with spouse in excess of $300,000, in each of the two preceding years and reasonably expects to reach the same income level in the current year.

These entities may also meet the definition of Accredited Investors:

  • Banks, insurance companies, registered investment companies, business development companies, or small business investment companies
  • Businesses in which all the equity owners are Accredited Investors;
  • Charitable organization, corporation or partnership with assets exceeding $5 million;
  • A trust with assets of at least $5 million not formed to acquire the securities offered and whose purchases are directed by a sophisticated person
  • Employee benefit plans.

All investors who claim to hold the status of an Accredited Investor will have the burden to demonstrate their Tax Returns and present an Attestation Letter from their Certified Accountant and Legal Representative giving credence to their Accredited Status.  Accredited Investors may document their status quickly and confidentially at www.accredify.com or www.verifyinvestor.com, and then complete GlobalMed Technologies USA Inc, Investor Questionnaire and Subscription Agreement.

Non Accredited Investors:

If you do not meet the definition of an “Accredited Investor,” you may want to consider using and providing the Company with the Investor Advisor Certificate attached to the Questionnaire, completed and signed by your investor advisor/s.

Unless the Investor is a certified Accredited Investor the; Non Accredited Investor herein acknowledges that he/she will not be able to invest more than 10% of their net worth or 10% of their yearly income up to $100,000.

Any prospective investor may be required to furnish additional information as the Company determines is required.

Stock Purchase Agreement

An offering statement pursuant to Regulation A relating to these securities has been filed with the Securities and Exchange commission and qualified on XXXXXXX 1, 2017.  This Offering Circular shall not constitute an offer to sell or the solicitation of an offer to buy nor may there be any sales of these securities in any state in which such offer, solicitation or sale would be unlawful before registration or qualification under the laws of any such state.  We may elect to satisfy our obligation to deliver a Final Offering Circular by sending you a notice within two business days after completion of our sale to you that contains the URL where the Final Offering Circular or the offering statement in which such Final Offering Circular was filed may be obtained.

This form allows you to enter into a binding Stock Purchase Agreement to purchase Class A Preferred Shares of GlobalMed Technologies USA, Inc. Tier 1 Regulation A Offering in which 10,000,000 Class A Preferred Shares are being offered for $1.50 per share.  Shares shall be sold only in even lots of 100 shares with an Offering Share Price of $1.50/shareThe minimum investment shall be for a minimum of 100 shares or $150.00 USD.  Fill in your desired share order in the Stock Purchase Agreement Form (attached as a Link), 100 shares or greater, and press the calculate button to automatically provide you with the dollar amount of your desired share/s purchase.

Unless an Investor represents they are an Accredited Investor, they may invest no more than 10% of the greater of their annual income together with their spouse or their net worth together with their spouse excluding the value of the person’s primary residence and any loans secured by the residence (up to the value of the residence).  Accredited Investors are not bound by that limitation.  There is an affirmation below to that effect.

No offer to sell securities or solicitation of an offer to buy securities is being made in any state where such offer or sale is not permitted under the blue sky or state securities laws thereof. No Offering is being made to individual investors unless and until the Offering has been registered in that state or an exemption from registration exists. GlobalMed Technologies USA, Inc. intends to complete an Offering under Tier 1 of Regulation A and as such intends to be exempted from state registration pursuant to federal law. Although an exemption from registration under state law may be available, GlobalMed Technologies USA, Inc. may still be required to provide a notice filing and pay a fee in individual states.

Please note that GlobalMed Technologies USA, Inc. reserves the right to refuse to accept any Offer to Purchase its Shares in its sole and absolute discretion and to terminate its Offering before, during or only when all of the shares of this Offering have been sold.  Regardless of when you fill out the Subscription Agreement, your holding period will begin only upon actual receipt of funds by cleared check or wire transfer into the Company Bank Account.  At that time, our transfer agent, VStock Transfer, LLC will be immediately notified and your shares entered in book entry form unless you notify them to transfer them to your broker or deliver paper certificates to you.


Please follow the steps as directed;

  1. As required by the SEC the electronic link must be provided to every potential investor. Please follow the link to download an Official Offering Circular from the SEC and the certified Qualification Notification; Offering Circular at SEC.
  2. You are also recommended to download the latest Offering Circular from GlobalMed Technologies USA Website; Download Offering Circular PDF
  3. Once the investor has reviewed the Offering Circular and consulted their financial advisory, they may follow the link to the Investor Questionnaire and fill out the appropriate sections. Once completed press the SAVE/SEND BUTTON.   Investor Questionnaire.
  4. After having completed the Investor Questionnaire the investor may follow the link to the Subscription Agreement. Please make sure you read the Subscription Agreement and ascertain that the amount of UNITS, FUNDS & SHARES being purchased are correct.  Complete by electronic signature and press the SAVE/SEND BUTTON.  Subscription Agreement.
  5. Investors may choose to download the Offering Circular, the Investor Questionnaire and the Subscription Agreement and fill them out at their leisure at a later time.

In order to be permitted to download the Investor Questionnaire and the Offering Circular; the investor will have to fill out a valid email address and answer a general questionnaire.

  1. Options to transferring documents:
    1. The Investor Questionnaire and the Offering Circular can be downloaded, filled out, signed and then sent by certified mail to the address found in the Subscription Agreement with a Check, money order or cashier’s check. or
    2. The documents may be uploaded as an attachment and sent to the provided email address. Payment must be wired or direct deposit to the bank account provided in the Subscription Agreement.